Listen to me read the poem here I stood at home and wept. I wept at the sight of hostas and Queen Anne’s lace    and petunias and lambs’ ears    that grew    while I was in the desert. I wept in gratitude for rain I did not see or hear    or feel on…

Repent and Be Purified

Texts: Luke 3:3-14 and Malachi 3:1-4 One of Barrett’s and my favorite movies is called “Little Miss Sunshine.” It’s an odd movie, and it is not one for the kids—it is rated R for language, and some substance abuse–but it is a movie that offers some wonderful images of grace. It’s the story of a…

Thought of You

It’s been about a year since I first found this video, and it is just as powerful as ever.

I Will Tell My Daughter I’m Beautiful

I Will Tell My Daughter I’m Beautiful This mother shares her reasons for telling her daughters that she feels beautiful–even when it doesn’t come naturally. Maybe for her daughters, it will come naturally as they grow from girls into women.

Formative Music Moment

I heard this rare gem on the radio today and remembered what an impact it had on my understanding of human dignity in my early teens. Enjoy!


Reflections This Dallas-based photographer has a lovely series of photos that explore both the way we see ourselves, and the history behind the lives of people we think we know. I think it is beautiful.

Happy Little Clouds

The Autumn foliage on the rural route to my children’s daycare reminded me of this uplifting little autotunes tribute put together by PBS (they also have a Mister Roger’s mix and a Julia Childs mix). Enjoy, giggle a little, and believe in yourself a little today. Every day’s a good day when you paint!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Quilt Top, Crazy pattern

Need more beauty? Visit and explore the hundreds of pieces they have available to view on-line. It won’t compare to wandering around the museum, itself, but on a rainy day, it will do. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Quilt Top, Crazy pattern. If you click on the above link, and then choose the…

Soul Beauty

In a world where too much ugliness happens every day–much of it on the internet for millions of eyes to see–let’s take a moment and celebrate how one young woman has transformed a moment of ugliness into one of beauty. It all started when this photo, taken without the subject’s knowledge, was posted on a…

Outer Space

Here’s a little extraterrestrial beauty for your day