The Sketch, Gertrude Käsebier 1903
The Sketch, Gertrude Käsebier 1903



I enter a vacant room

through which energy flows in a web

around an empty earthly hemisphere

a cathedral without walls or roof


a room humming with anticipation and I ask to the emptiness,


What is about to happen here?


And the flagstones rumble with

laughter and the light

moving in patterns on the

ground answers


Not only here, beloved



Throughout the world? I ask


And you they answer


What is about to happen? I ask again to the light and stone


And the earth answers

She comes into power, love

She comes to heal and make all things new

Cope, French
Cope, French, mid-17th century

And flowered branches burst into view

pink and white and leafy green

And tiles of mosaic in the floor flip with joy

And I feel myself join the longing

as my own body swells

pulses, floods


I know her, I tell the world

I love her already


And the branches rustle their approval

She knows you too, beloved.

She comes for you.


And what will she do with me? I tremble and ask


She will love you

She will eviscerate you

She will fill you with herself

She will feed you with her body

She will open for you

She will open you

She will give herself for you

She will make you whole

She will carry you in her body

into her own death

and thrust you from her

womb into new life.


Will she hold me? I ask

Will she be tender? Will she be patient?


And the earth shook with desire

She will be good

Two Women, Gaston Lachaise
Two Women, Gaston Lachaise

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