Lent Photo-a-Day Challenge



It is easy for me to rejoice on warm sunny days. As I ponder what it means to rejoice in the Lord always, I think of my seven-year-old daughter who lost a tooth this morning. Finding joy in the small events of every day is a start.


Last night I had an intergenerational prayer station pilgrimage set up. It took a lot of time, and I wonder sometimes whether the time is well-spent. The kids and youth don’t always connect with the activities the way I expect.

But in the midst of some underwhelmed responses and a video that didn’t work, my four year old put ashes on my forehead in a beautiful and tender moment. And one kid who got bored with making her paper chain gladly took home a longer one left by an older youth. And one middle schooler went back to the baptismal station to take the last two shells to share with friends.

I still struggle to grasp what it means to rejoice in the Lord in those times when it feels like nothing goes well, but learning to look for the small moments of good is enough for today.

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