Challenging Stuff

Lately, Barrett and I have been getting a little ruthless about giving things away. Clothes, books, toys, you name it. Maybe it’s the fact that Adam is getting bigger and we don’t plan on having any more kids, so there is no reason to save the clothes and toys he outgrows. You know, apart from…

Divorce, Marriage, People and Politics

Text: Mark 10:2-16 Now, I have to admit that ever since I started reading the Bible for myself, in junior high or high school, Mark has been my least favorite of the four gospels. John is all mystical and symbolic. Luke has all kinds of interesting characters. Matthew is focused on Jesus as a teacher….

Happy Little Clouds

The Autumn foliage on the rural route to my children’s daycare reminded me of this uplifting little autotunes tribute put together by PBS (they also have a Mister Roger’s mix and a Julia Childs mix). Enjoy, giggle a little, and believe in yourself a little today. Every day’s a good day when you paint!